When the corona entered our lives in March last year, no one could believe that it would last this long and that the world would literally turn upside down. We remember pictures of the big cities: New York, Paris, London that looked empty and as if life had stopped. With the arrival of summer 2020 things started to improve but still our daily life we ​​remember was far away. We had hoped that the new year would bring our old lives on the trail but it didn’t happen. Despite the fact that we all miss movement and travel, the protection of life and the prevention of the spread of coronavirus are in the forefront.

Unlike large, collective trips, individual tourism in nature can be a good alternative for those who have not had camping experience so far.

Slika šatora u Camp Bara Blagaj
Camping u Blagaju – Camp Bara

Why is camping safe?

First of all, because you stay in nature and outdoors, which significantly contributes to the slower spread of the virus. Furthermore vitamin D, some research has already shown that the vitamin D you take while outdoors significantly contributes to the prevention of corona. During camping, you will probably make fewer contacts than staying in a hotel, motel or other accommodation. Use your belongings (sleeping bags, towels, utensils, dishes, etc.). You are completely individual in this type of vacation and you have minimal contacts with the camp staff and other guests.

If you decide to camp in Herzegovina, in addition to all the benefits of camping, you will also be able to enjoy:

  • Medicinal herbs (some of them are endemic species of our area) which is extremely useful for consumption in the form of spices or teas. These herbs can help prevent various diseases as well as boost immunity. Just some of the medicinal herbs that you can find yourself in the immediate vicinity of the camp (Blagaja) are: heather, sage, immortelle, mint, chamomile, hajduk grass,
  • Honey, a home-grown crop known throughout the region for its valuable nutritional values,
  • Wine, well-known varieties of Zilavka and Blatina are grown in the locality of Herzegovina. A few kilometers from the Camp you can visit a winery and buy local wine.
  • Fish in the immediate vicinity of the camp there is a famous Blagaj fishpond with delicious trout and a well-known and high-quality type of mecca.

Walking in nature or cobblestones along the river Buna, cycling, visiting climbing areas in Blagaj (for sports and amateur climbing), visiting cultural and historical monuments, going to the healing river Bunica, visiting the old settlement Velagicevina, trip to the Fortress of Herceg Stjepan Kosaca or visiting the source of Kosača and a Dervish tekke are just some of the ideas for staying at our Camp. Everything is located 2-3 kilometers from the Camp and you can all walk around. If you want to visit Mostar, Old Bridge and the old part of town you need a 15 minute drive and there are regular bus lines on the route Blagaj – Mostar – Blagaj.

There are many reasons for camping to be a part of your vacation in 2021, treat yourself to a slightly different vacation. Nature has always been there and offered all the blessings, peace and health, it is time to return to it.

Camp Bara in Blagaj – Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina is waiting for you!

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