Here you can find some interesting fact about Stolac.

Stolac is a town and municipality located in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton

It is located in the region of Herzegovina. Thanks to the town’s favorable natural environment – geological composition, contours, climate, hydrographic, and vegetation – Stolac and its area have been settled since ancient times. Its rich hunting-grounds along with other natural benefits attracted prehistoric man, and later the Illyrians, Romans, and Slavs, all of whom left a wealth of anthropological evidence.

In 2022 the new modern road consisting of 36 km that will connect the heart of Herzegovina with the sea, Stolac with Neum, will be completed. The road will help the development of tourism between Neum, Stolac, and Mostar. Blagaj is about 30 kilometers away from Stolac, it’s about 30 minutes drive. 

Picture of Bogomil Tombs in Stolac
Stecak (Tombstones) Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina