Here you can find some interesting fact about Sarajevo.

It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We recommend that you visit it. There is old part of city, called “čaršija”, and the peaceful residential areas – Mahala. Mahalas were built on the surrounding slopes from the center towards the outskirts. People lived in mahalas and they did their business in “čaršija”. The commercial center of the city is Baščaršija. Today, Sarajevo is a modern city with a rich history, cultural monuments, and a spirit that is hard to find in big cities. More information:

From Blagaj you can go by car, motorbike, bus, train. If you go by bus or train, you must first find a bus that runs from Blagaj to Mostar (to the main bus station which is in the same place as the railway) and then buy a ticket for the route Mostar – Sarajevo. 

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the famous kebabs, it’s of course something you shouldn’t miss while you’re on a tour. The food is otherwise excellent, there are a lot of similarities to oriental cuisine, which is not surprising given the history. Sarajevo was under Ottoman rule for hundreds of years, which left its mark on food.

Architecture, gastronomy, Sarajevo way of life, it’s all something you just have to see and experience for yourself.

Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, picture of Latin Bridge
Latin Bridge – Bosnia and Herzegovina