Summer 2015 has started very early, and after very bad and no so successful season in 2014, hot days in May was very good sign. In Mart and we had take time to do some useful things in Camp, such as: preparation place for vacation, arranging trees, kitchen equipment, making some contacts in web world etc.

Little bit about 2014..

I’ll not talk about 2014 so much because we have so many reasons why is better to forget these summer. Of course thanks to our guests (what was a only good side of season) it’ll be stay in nice memory. In February 2014 when it was beginning of demonstrations against the government, everyone in tourist sector has knew that it’ll be a bad season, and no so good time for business. During that period, our conutry was under very agressive and negative media exposure. Fire on main Street, fear of people who was there, and ugly speculation, was another bad picture which we send in the world.

Thanks God it is finished after few days, but another terrible and dangerous things was knocked on the door. Huge flooding have become a nightmare of a lot people in Balkan’s country. The worst situation were in north Bosnia, where our economy, industry and agriculture markers large crash in time of flood. Population who live in the southern part of the country didn’t have flood damage on the direct way, but expence was very high in tourist sector., what’s actually a most potential in southern area BiH.

After these troubles, everything was different. There were a lot of tourists on the streets, not so much reservations in Camp, and we thought we couldn’t fix that in that year. It was true, but in September situation was a little better, and then we have know that’s another reason why guests didn’t came in BiH. The year was reserved for World Cup, and many people have opted for this option.

That was a good sign, better than thinking about bad marketing voice about us, in the world. So in the end of season 2014 things go on right side. We have decided to write  letter past-guests to explain all these situation, and asked for understanding. A lot of guests sent support, with own explanation what to do for marketing and advertising season 2015 for RIVER CAMP BARA. It was very helpful for us and for our team, we were excited to make that in realy.


Let’s talk about summer 2015…

When first guests from Italy has arrived in Camp, we already know we are in good way, and it will be good seasons. Guests from Italy have arrived very early at 13 April. Tarik was a little bit nervous and worried for summer 2015, but I knew things will be changed in that year in every part, and I have right.

Summer 2015 was one of the best ever for our small bussines. River camp Bara was full in 80% capacity every day in season. What’s great, and better than expectations.

How I knew that? Actually I didn’t finish with the analysis yet (and tarik payed me for that still in January this year) but I felt the results. When I said: we will be full 70% capacity every day until end of September, I felt .. So I didn’t know, I just believed in that.

When I thinking about that now, I don’t know real reason why I lie. Because I lie, and because my lie come to be true, it’s not so important any more. Something was very truely, I believed in our nature, in our friendly and charming people, I believed in our team, and the end I believed in Tarik and me…

Summer 2015 was very special for us, It’ll stay in lovely memory. We met a lot of new friends in camp, and stay in contact with them. We have visit of our friends from Slovenia, Austria, germany, Poland and so many other dear guests. Our friends from UK Lorna and Paul come after 2 years, and we spent a great 10 days together. I want  to mention guests from Alaska, who was a big surprise for us. They travelling for 1 years, and they finally come to our county and in our Camp.

All of our guests this year was very special, and we’ll remember you. We get a dear present from, which will take a important place in our home. On the end, I promise that I’ll make a true analysis for 2016, with real parameters, but I still believe in lucky and thinking about good things, I believe in honest energy we sent from this place.

And thanks goes to…

Thanks for comment in popular site:; and; that’s very useful for Camp, and for our future plans. Thanks for understaning us, maybe in some situation when we don’t understand ourself. Thanks again for delicious food we tried with you. Big thanks for support  you give us all the time, and also thanks all our friend in Blagaj for understanding us all these summer, why we don’t have a lot of time to spend with them.

Now it’s time for our holiday, and we hope we’ll see some of you on the road, and  for all other guests we send best regards from Blagaj and Camp Bara.

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