Here you can find some interesting fact about Mostar.

It is the largest city in the Herzegovina region: It is known around the world for the Old Bridge, and traditional jumps. If you are lucky you can see the jumps from the Old Bridge, which is really impressive because the jump means a height of 25 meters into the cold, icy Neretva. (Some brave men jump ‘on their heads’.) The old part of town is very beautiful and attracts many guests. From Blagaj you can go by car, motorbike, bus, bicycle or on foot. It takes you 15-20 minutes to drive. You can find bus lines in the service information / Camp Bara.

Is there anything that is not beautiful in Mostar? No! That is why it is impossible to list everything you can and should see here. Everyone knows about Stari Most and it is a destination visited by a million tourists a year. The Old Town, which is under the protection of UNESCO, as a cultural monument is definitely something that must be seen.Food, old craft shops and other natural beauties, such as the mountain Velež, tourist attractions on Fortica …

Mostar, Old Bridge