Activities outside the camp – legends revealing

Here you can find some interesting things to do outside the camp.

Blagaj is a place that provides peace. In history, this place has been very important, as evidenced by numerous monuments. Blagaj was a city and Mostar a town. Traces of life in Blagaj date back to the Neolithic. The Green Cave in Blagaj  is known as a prehistoric cave settlement.

The most famous Bosnian queen, who is often mentioned as the last queen of the Kingdom of Bosnia, was born in Blagaj. Her home, better known as the Tower, is often visited by tourists. 

The next legend of the mystical Blagaj is Tekke at the source of the river Buna. The Tekke at Vrelo Bune is a place where dervishes performed and still perform zirk (praise be to God). 

The residential complex of Velagićevina was built in 1776, 200 meters from the source of the Buna,

is a unique complex of residential architecture of the Ottoman era, which has a large number of functionally necessary facilities for living.

Blagaj is a place where you need to indulge your instincts and listen to your sixth sense.

Old City Blagaj
Old City of Blagaj