The city of Mostar , political, financial and cultural center of the Herzegovina - Neretva Canton is located at the foot of the slopes of the mountains Velez , Hum and Cabulje , in the valley of the Neretva River , at an altitude of 60-80 m.


Mostar is for centuries at the crossroads of civilizations and each of them is in it part of its uniqueness . It is a city of sun , greenery and flowers , which is characterized by specific and rarely pleasant mediterranean climate . Mostar is 60 km far of the Adriatic Sea . The city and its surrounding area are unique sites of cultural and historic treasures and heritage , which bear witness to life in this region in ancient times . Mostar has a complete infrastructure , road and rail transport , and a modern airport . The oldest written documents of Mostar dated to the first half of the XV . century , and the founding of the city of Mostar is linked to the name and merit of the nobles Duke Stephen Kosača

Until the Ottoman conquest of Mostar was a small village . In Old Bridge stories say that the towers on both sides lived "Mostari " guarding the bridge and they are residents of the former village named Mostari. Wooden bridge did not meet the needs of the Turkish Army and began construction of a new bridge in 1557 years . and lasted for nine years. The bridge is a masterpiece of the builder Hayruddin , who was a pupil of the famous architect Sinan . A stone plaque inscribed the end of year 944 AH or 1566 by our reckoning .


Old bridge - Mostar BiH

In towers on either side of the bridge around the clock 160 people were guarding the bridge . The first mosque was built in Mostar before Old Bridge , more precisely in 1473. Mostar during his past , especially in the 11th and 17 century gave a large number of famous people and creators who have remained to this day known . Alidede in Turkish times was known historian and philosopher , and poet Hasan Effendi called Zija ( Svijetli ) , and in particular Dervish Pasha , the great poet , a favorite of Sultan Murad III . It is preserved and his song sung in praise of Mostar which he says : " It is another Syria on the World " and his arch bridge compares with a rainbow: " it is seems like a colorful rainbow ."

From poets are more famous Hussein Čatrnja and Ahmed Rushdie . Famed lecturer was Mustafa Ejubović . Šeh - Jujo has left behind many works in the field of law , theology and rhetoric by which the Mostar was known throughout the ages . He was and remains a city of poets and writers in Ćorovic , ?ikić and Šantic had its greatest representatives in the literature .


The bridge is 4.5 m wide , 20m high and its stone arch is approximately 30 meters long. The stone blocks are linked together by iron clamps that were sealed with lead.