Camping Mostar - All information for your next trip

As you will see below this story can be yours, if you ever come to Bosnia and Herzegovina or chose camping Mostar for your next trip.

 The place where I'm sitting now is probably a thousand miles away from you dear reader, but story is same no matter where you are sitting or lying now. This story can be in every time in any place, and it can happen to anyone on this planet. As you will see below this story can be yours, if you ever come to Bosnia and Herzegovina or chose camping Mostar for your next trip.

In this days, when 2013 is nearly over, is time to start planing your next year's trip. Is Bosina and Herzegovina on your list? In following text we'll give you more ideas and interesting information about this small country, and also I will suggest you some places to visit.

It's good to know: If you ever come to Balkan, you have to come in Bosnia and Hercegovina, because you will feel all the Balkans in one space. You will save you money and your time, see incredible nature and you'll taste the best traditional food, overall you'll have helpful Balkan experience when you come home. That's just some of the reason why camping Mostar is great choose.

The place I'm living, it's called Blagaj, realy quiet place with natural beauty. Blagaj is only 12 km far from Mostar, 3 km far from the Mostar airport. If you are on your way from Dubrovnik going to Mostar, when you come in the village Buna just turn eastward and you are in Blagaj. Actually it's very easy to find, because in every travel books you can read information about Blagaj with explanation how to find us, and maps of course.

Anyone who ever written about Blagaj said: Blagaj is oasis of natural beauty, that's ideal place for relaxing your body and your soul. Most popular here is Buna river, a source by the Dervish monastery. Architecture was built around 1520, with motives Ottoman Empire and Mediterranean elements at the same time. The next popular place here in Blagaj, is birthplace of Bosnian queen, that’s realy incredible castle on the hill above Blagaj, with a good look.

If you choose: River Camp Bara BiH for your camping place you just need 8 minutes with a walk to come on source Buna, and about 20 minutes with a walk to see castle. If you come to camping mostar, and choose River Camp Bara, you can walk with other guests, or with us.

It’s good to mention - Blagaj has 200 sunny days.

All this fact is true, but there are 5 very important things about Blagaj (and I mean important for you dear readers for your decision - about camping mostar), and it's never before said.

Infrastucture: How to find us? How to take a bus? How to pay in shop and what about cash machine? When Post is closed can I take my money (belive me that's usually problem here). How far is shop from the camping place? Do you have internet connection?

Mostar is the biggest city in Hercegovina and it's very easy to find no matter on which direction you are. Old bridge is the popular and most visited place in my city. For more information about old bridge in historic town Mostar see:

River Camp Bara is located in Blagaj, it's small place by Mostar.

 For more information about camp, or for reservation call: 0038 761627803 or Facebook or click to see more information and picture about camp. After you come in the village Blagaj, (go to the end) 30 metres back - follow the signs and you are in River camp Bara. Internet connections is free for guests in camp.

About bus: If you arrive in Mostar at the Railway station or the nearby Bus station for national/international busses, you may catch here the yellow Mostar bus to Blagaj. The local public bus from Mostar runs to Blagaj: Line no. 11 runs further than Blagaj but you can get off in Blagaj, Line no. 10 ends in Blagaj. Note that this bus does not stop at the "main" bus station, but at a stop just across the main road passing by. One ticket from here to Blagaj was 2,10 KM (cca 1,10€)

There are Post in Blagaj, and there you can take your money 0-24, from camp to Post it's about 3 minutes with a walk. If you looking for shop, that's also so near, just on the corner. When Post is closed- Yes you can take your money! In Camp you can pay in Euro, and of course in KM (Our currency). In some shops you can pay in euro, but better idea is change your money in KM.

About food and traditional dishes: Food is very important in daily life here in BiH, we are make dishes every day in our house, in fact cooking is lifestyle and we love it! Our Bosnian food is a combination of Turkish and Eastern European cuisine. Great things for you dear readers: in restaurants you can find really tasty and cheap food, like in our house!

Top 10 Bosnian food (That will make you happy) 

Here in BiH we have many beliefs in our life one of them is about 'guest'. You will like this! If you come in our home (and I mean in our camp, restaurant, cafe whatever) you can eat with us, and we need to host you as best we know. Why? Because in our religion the guests or 'musafir' is the sent by God, actually he is like holy man.

So if you choose camping mostar, and come in River Camp Bara in morning time, you can start your day with a simple breakfast and drink a traditional bosnian coffee or homemade tea. If you are vegeterian or vegan you can be sure that you enjoy in a soft fruit that grows in the garden, (as you can see on the picture sweet fruits in our garden)

Lunch is most important, and you'll probably have it after 14.00.

You can try some dishes like:

sarma - meat and rice rolled in picked cabbage leaves;

grah – a traditional beat stew with a meat;

dolma – fried bell peppers stuffed with minced meat;

meat under sac – a traditional way of cooking lamb, veal and vegetables;

čorbe – some kind of soup;

burek – a meat filled flaky pastry traditionally roled in a spiral and cut into sections for serving (for vegeterians there are filled with a cottage cheese and it’s called- sirnica, or with spinach it’s called - zeljanica, and with potatoes it’s called - krompirača)

camping mostar

Speciality for the area is the trout, and you realy have to try that fish if you travelling to Mostar. More about trout from the Buna waterfalls and photo about trout which prepared on traditional way on:

And this is how I make trout for my friends in River Camp Bara :

Dinner in BiH, can be some vegetable or salate. If you go out at nightlife you can by 'ćevapčići' and try Bosnian fast food. Although, when you come in River Camp Bara, after you decide for camping mostar, you have Bosnian grill 2 minutes with a walk from the camp place, so it's not necessary to go at nightlife just to try grill.

Time for dessert? Yess! First suggestion is famous 'baklava' juicy cake with a nuts, you can find 'baklava' in restaurant and it cost about 1 euro. If you like apples 'tufhija' is great dessert for you, also with nuts but with so different taste. Two popular cakes with cream are called 'krempita' and 'šampita' and it's look like cheescake. I like to make 'hurmašice' that's traditional Bosnian biscuit soaked in sugar syrup, old recipe from my grandmum.

Another great thing for You: We make cake in Camp Bara so often and it's FREE for our guests, (we don't make baklava so often because it's so much calorie in one piece)

This area is famous by wines and brandies (it's called – rakija, and it's make in fruit flavors like plum and grape). In shops you can buy good locally - produced wines for 3 euro, and homemade brandies for 7 euro - one litre.

Rare natural phenomena – unusual things

Spring of Buna River is five most interesting in Europa, with an average annual flow rate of 43 m³ per second. Its waters, particularly cold and clean are full of precious trout, endemic of streams.

Griffon vulture colony in Blagaj, the griffon vuture is one of the biggest flying birds. The first vultures evolved 25 million years ago but the Griffon vultures dissociated from other vultures about one million years ago. When you come in Blagaj you can visit a research and education centre EcoCentre, the basic goal is focused of centre is the recovery of the griffon vulture colony that became extinct during the war.

Velež region, is the perfect place for lovers of mountaineering, rock climbers and ecological tourism enthusiasts. In this mountainous area there are three important communities: Blagaj, near to the source of the Buna River; Nevesinje, situated in a wide mountain valley; and Podveležje.

 Fourth place in this list of unusual nature things in camping mostar is drinking water. What that means? River camp Bara is located by beautiful and clean river, spring Buna is near, so we drink river water! It’s look so naturally and you have feeling how you will become so young and so healthy, when you take water in your hand and drink that.. (Yes we use river for some other things, how you can see on the picture from this sezone in the River Camp Bara)

Some other place when we talk about nature and unusual things, good for see, which are located near camping Mostar :

Natural resort park – Hutovo blato (it’s about 56 kilometres the south from camping Mostar to Hutovo blato) there are many tourist attractions, and it’s free to visit.

Incredible Waterflls – Kravice (41 kilometresthe south from camping Mostar to Kravice)

Mountain – Ruišta that’s a winter centre just 25 kilometres from Mostar, which is visited by many guests who come in River Camp Bara.

Medicinal and aromatic plants in Mostar area

Organic Lavender grows in 50 hectares. by the road (to Blagaj) Lavender is valued for its calming effect, and It use for the essential oils which are intendent for cosmetics and perfumes industry.

Other product of the same company is Rosemary, also grows by the road in 2 hectares. We love Rosemary and we use this plants in our kitchen, belive me it’s wonderful taste when you puting rosemary and oil on the fish, and drop it on the fire together.

Wild thyme (Timijan or Majčina dušica – Bosnian name) It is aromatic, antiseptic, stimulant, antispasmodic, diuretic and is also useful in cases of drunkenness.

Stinging Nettle (Kopriva – Bosnian name) has a long medicine history, stinging nettle is use for anemia, eczema, arthritis, gout, and today is use for urinary problems and for many other things.

Common Germander (Iva – Bosnian name) Much used in domestic herbal practice for skin affections and diseases of the blood, also in fevers, colds, inflammations. It is also good to cleanse old sores.

Dandelion (Maslačak – Bosnian name) It’s used for many things, in kitchen, medicine, industry or just like dandelion tea. Tea helps reduce high cholesterol, helps with weight control - especially with weight loss, works great to purify the blood and cleanse the system. We make this tea very often in our kitchen in River Camp Bara - tastes good specially with our homemade honey.

Sage, Dog rose , St. John's Wort, Fennel and Wormwood is also on our list, all these tea you can drink in River Camp Bara, so you can be part of great tea party!

In one of investigations about Wild medicinal flora of Mediteran and Sub-Mediterian 96 vascular plants have been recorded; belonging to the wild flora and playing a key role in the phytotherapy, and these plants is just most abundant in this area.

As you can see Traditional herbal medicine has played important role in the life Mostar (and all BiH) population.

Historia and monuments of camping Mostar?

I have mentioned Dervish monastery in Blagaj by Buna source. On the picture you can see popular dance of dervish people who comes here in monastery every year in some time (May) and for me this dance, dervish people and all this philosophy is interesting to explore.

And I have also mentioned Stjepan Kosača – castle on the hill above Blagaj, and that’s very historical place In Blagaj, with a lot of monuments from that period of Bosnian historia.

Velagićevina is another historical place in Blagaj. That’s small place with a few very old house from Ottoman imperia, so near from River Camp Bara, (just 4 minutes with a walk)

Some other historical place no so far from the camping Mostar are Mogorjelo (Place from Roman culture), Međugorje (Popular religious place– The Blessed Virgin Mary) Počitelj (mediavel town - very attractive for tourist) Necropolis of Radmilja and list is not ended.. We have many simple place, very small place like Blagaj, but with a very long historical story..

So this 5 important things: cheap price and good infrastructure, delicious food, nature phenomenas and adventure place, wild plants around the camping Mostar, rich history and a lot of monuments, is not all!

Another important thing is your feeling when you step on this country, and START TO BREATH… Experience worth remembering!

In the end dear readers, thank you for reading and I hope this text was useful.. I truly hope we will see in 2014, in my little space of the Universe.