Camping Blagaj (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Camp Bara

Perfect campsite for relaxing on the banks of river Buna in Old city of Blagaj.

Camp Bara, picture of camp
Camping in Camp Bara Blagaj

Spring, ‘24

Camping Blagaj –Seasone opening

Camping Blagaj – Camp Bara opens its doors with the first rays of the sun in the spring of 2024. Everyone is welcome.


“ Blagaj is spectacular place, full of nature and history. It’s a privilege to spent vacation here. ”

I visited Blagaj once and it stayed in my memory like a beautifull and peacfull place, with grate people and suroundings nature an history. There is a lot to see in Blagaj.

My recommendations is to stay at Camping Blagaj – Camp Bara, at the river banks of Buna. Mornings are just sensational, with the Sun light bouncing on the river surface, just perfect. Trust me, you’ll thanks me later!

Why stay at Camping Blagaj – Camp Bara

Our campsite has a lot to offer for our guests. Here are some of benefits that you may expect staying at Camp Bara.

Many ways to stay

Beautiful scenery

Extras included

Friendly staff


Trailers, cars, bikes back-packers,vans, small trailers, motorhome(max 8,5m)



Showers, electricity, kitchen included

Everything you need is included here, and a lot of more.


On the banks of river Buna

We are located on the banks of river Buna, so 40’C is not problem at all, with Buna being just abotu 10’C.

Travel safely

Weather in Blagaj

Weather in Blagaj today.

Blagaj, BA
00:52, June 22, 2024
temperature icon 25°C
clear sky
Humidity 65 %
Pressure 1012 mb
Wind 0 Km/h
Wind Gust: 0 Km/h
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 05:08
Sunset: 20:32
Blagaj, Dervish Tekke
Spring of river Buna and Dervish Tekke, Blagaj

Find out interesting places in Blagaj and area

There is a lot to see while in Blagaj, so don’t miss the oportunity to discover some amazing places.

local legends

Find out more
about them

What our quests
are saying

Here are some comments from our quests. It is not polite to talk about yourself but we still have to thank our guests for such kind words.

Quiet little place directly near Buna River. Only thing you will hear is the strong flow of fresh water…
All facilities you need are there and the owner is very supportive. He also provides one of the best WiFi connections I’ve ever experianced on a camp site – and don’ t forget while watching Youtube videos in perfect quality: You are in the middle of pure nature 🙂
Fritz Rauch
Camp bara is a calm and beautiful camping. Toilet and shower were clean, the communal area is amazing (inside a cave!) and we grilled fish directly on the river coast.Tarik it’s a very kind owner, it’s like a friend. We’ll come back surely!

Get a glimpse of what you can experience

If you are a calm person, wanting to be silence and enjoy nature, no problem, we will let you be, but if you want to met interesting people, gather and enjoy good food, positive vibes and friendly atmosphere in general, we can arrange that also.

  • No reservations needed!
  • Discounts included.
  • There are no strict rules about cheking in or out.
  • Safety guarantied!
  • Free internet, electricity, shower and kitchen.
  • Friendly hosts and relaxing atmosphere.

Beatiful nature

Get ready for the Best vacation ever!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the details

Explore the world

Reasonable prices, great weather, good people, what else do you need to start one amazing summer?

Family Travel

Get inspired by our
top family trips

See the world with those  you love

Family trips are wonderfull thing. It bring family together and ends up with fantastic memories. Pack up your family, and travel, wherever your hart leads.

If you decide to stay at Camp Bara we will try to make your memories one that stands.

wildlife encounter

In case you are the type of person who wants to explore life from a motorcycle than all you need is Camp Bara. We have a lot of friends that are just in love with the motorcycle lifestyle. Actually for bikers price is 20 % cheaper.


Wildlife tourism and sustainable travel

Our Partners

We are proud to be partners with NEST CAMPERS and SLOVENIA CAMPER organizations.